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The Lunar Divine

Complete Mini Intention Candle Set

Complete Mini Intention Candle Set

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Introducing our Manifestation Mini Candle Set, thoughtfully curated to empower your journey of self-discovery and transformation. This set includes four exquisite candles, each infused with specific intentions to amplify your manifestations and create a harmonious balance within.

  1. Money and Prosperity Candle: Ignite the spark of abundance and financial well-being with our Money and Prosperity Candle. Crafted to resonate with the energies of prosperity, this candle serves as a beacon for attracting new opportunities, wealth, and success into your life. Let its warm glow and fragrant notes guide you towards a path of material fulfillment.

  2. Peace and Self-Love Candle: Nurture your spirit and embrace profound self-love with our Peace and Self-Love Candle. Designed to envelop you in a cocoon of tranquility, this candle invites a sense of inner harmony and self-appreciation. Allow its gentle radiance and soothing aroma to guide you towards a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

  3. Defense and Protection Candle: Shield yourself from negative energies and establish a protective barrier with our Defense and Protection Candle. Crafted to create a sanctuary of positivity, this candle is your steadfast guardian against unwanted influences. Illuminate it to fortify your boundaries, cleanse your space, and cultivate an aura of safety.

  4. Calm and Serenity Candle: Find solace in moments of chaos and cultivate a serene oasis with our Calm and Serenity Candle. Infused with the power to create a tranquil atmosphere, this candle is your tool for enhancing meditation, relieving stress, and inviting deep inner peace. Its soft glow and calming fragrance guide you towards a state of profound serenity.

Each candle within our Manifestation Mini Candle Set is a sacred instrument, carefully handcrafted and charged with specific energies to align with your intentions. Elevate your manifestation practice, transform your space, and manifest your desires with this transformative set that embodies the essence of prosperity, self-love, protection, and tranquility.

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